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Studying the Future: Change of students' mindset between generations

studying the future
What has affected the mindset of different generations? The "Studying the Future"-podcast delves into the topic. | Quelle: Canva

Studying the Future -podcast explores the evolving mindset of generations. Hosted by Daniel Ramos, joined by experts Lorena Carrasco and Toni Keränen, the series dives into historical influences, technological shifts, and societal impacts on students' mindset. Each episode unveils how education adapts, predicting a future where personalized, technology-driven approaches shape critical thinking. The podcast is done by Erasmus International Students as part of the International Content Production course.

Episode 1 kicks off by exploring the evolving mindset between generations. Hosted by Dani, along with experts Lorena and Toni, this episode looks into historical contexts shaping Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. The discussion spans diverse topics from workplace expectations to mental health, offering a view of how each generation's unique characteristics impact the future of learning.

Episode 2 features a guest, Spanish student Nuria Castellet, who provides personal insights about the mindset of Gen Z university students. Hosted by Dani, along with expert Lorena, the discussion dives into Generation Z's characteristics, experiences, and the impact of societal changes. 

Episode 3 explores the evolving mindset of future university students—Generations Alpha and Beta. Hosted by Dani, with the help of experts Toni and Lorena, we'll discuss about the unique traits and challenges these generations face, impact of technology on learning styles, mental health and the necessity for adaptability. The episode concludes with predictions about the future working environment and the likelihood of increased individualism among upcoming generations.