Veganism amongst athletes: Never soy never?

As of today, a variety of different non-animal based fitness supplements is available to vegetarian and vegan athletes.
02. März 2023
Athletes can’t be vegan - at least not without major disadvantages: This myth has been around in the fitness industry for quite some time. But is there any truth behind this claim or has a plant-based diet the potential to be a great alternative for sports-enthusiasts?

Veganism and fitness: Two lifestyles that don’t go well together… or at least that’s what many people seem to believe. In this podcast, we will delve into the often-misunderstood relationship between plant-based diets and athletic performance. With the rise of veganism, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about the impact of this lifestyle on athletic ability. We aim to provide a comprehensive and evidence-based examination of these common assumptions.

Do vegan athletes have the same level of performance as non-vegan athletes? What does one need to keep in mind when considering a plant-based diet as an athlete? Which foods and supplements work best to ensure a healthy and beneficial diet? These are just some of the questions that we are answering in our “Veganism amongst athletes: Never soy never?” podcast. For this purpose, we are joined by Majel, a passionate vegan athlete, who has shared her personal experience as well as the challenges and successes of competing at the highest level while following a plant-based diet with us. Additionally, we have spoken to Francisca Hernandez, a Chilean nutritionist with a background in sports medicine, who helped us to successfully distinguish fact from fiction and dispel common misconceptions about veganism and athletics.