Beyond climate activism

In this podcast, we dive deeper into the motivations and goals of climate activism groups.
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10. Febr. 2023
Fridays for Future and Last Generation: One group protests “peacefully”, the other “radically” – at least that's how many people perceive it. What is actually true about these prejudices becomes clear in a conversation with supporters of the two activist groups and an expert.

They are different and yet the same: climate activists from the organizations Fridays for Future and Last Generation. They want to get out of coal, oil and gas and demand comprehensive and rapid climate protection measures. Both are pursuing the same goal – but with different approaches. Hence, the one is repeatedly described in the media as “radical”, the other as “peaceful”. But is that actually true? We spoke with supporters of both organizations and an expert in political science and protest studies to clear up prejudices.

Episode 1: Not so radical after all?

Juliette Boisdon, Martina Coluccia

In this episode, Brittany tells how she kept hearing about Last Generation in the media, became more informed about climate change as a result, and then joined the organization.

“I think that we are going to make a change,” states Brittany in the first episode.

Listen in to hear what Brittany says about Last Generation's motivation and goals: 

Episode 2: Is cohesion the solution?

Juliette Boisdon, Martina Coluccia

Tom shares his experiences as a supporter of the Fridays for Future organization in this episode. We also talked to him about the recent events in Lüzerath and how both organizations can stick together.

“The goal is to prevent climate change, but it's also about the big picture,” states Tom in the second episode.

Listen in to hear what Tom shares as a supporter of Fridays for Future: 

*Surname is withheld on request of the protagonist.

Episode 3: What an expert says about it

Martina Coluccia, Laureta Nrecaj

Christian Volk is a political scientist and expert for protest studies. In the third episode, we discussed with him the different behaviors and actions of both organizations.

“Public Protests that disrupt people’s daily life can be – from the perspective of democratic theory – a legitimate form of political expression in modern democracies.”

Listen in to find out what Christian Volk has to say about the actions and impact of both activist groups: